The daunting task of outsourcing or insourcing sales or marketing

Why is it so difficult to engage in sales or marketing?

  • When launching a new business ramping up a Sales and Marketing team is mostly an afterthought
  • Lack of insight in sales and marketing make it difficult to understand what is needed and who can deliver.
  • Growing business ideas must starts with segmenting markets, sounding discussions, pricing strategies, customer journeys, value creation and consultative cold calls.

Common issues make your ideas fail

  • Hiring Sales or Marketing Leaders are costly and risky undertaking if uncertain milestones are set.
  • Many of the tasks to be done are operational, that senior staff or management will not do.
  • Agencies are typically consult and provide strategy, but distance themselves when it comes to execution.
  • If execution is provided, then billing is done on hourly basis and not performance based.

Our mission is to help useful ideas to grow

  • Provide business with best marketing and sales experiences until own operation can run stable and is resilient.
  • One-Stop-Shop from strategy and implementation to execution

Our solution is to provide Executive Experience with implementation and execution teams through a monthly installment expense.

  • Hire experts until you are ready to run it internally
  • No hiring required and costs can be expensed
  • Local grants are available to support your investment in sales and marketing expenses

What’s in it for you?

  • To have a greater influence in launching, marketing and sales for product / solution, we decided to combine consulting with interims management and with this can implement defined requirements and changes for your company.
  • As interims managers with a consulting approach, we can focus ONLY on the success of a launch, marketing and sales of a given product or solution for a customer for a duration of time. The financial impact to a company is lower as expertise is provided as service and not as internal headcount.
  • As interims managers, we consult with and implement “change” in companies, seeking to leap to the next level in creating a running business through sales and marketing. Following a 3 Step approach…
    • Step1: Define and implement organizational structures / drive change management and integrate social entrepreneurial modular components.
    • Step2: Set-up and develop Sales & Marketing tools, processes and leads, Trade and Retail Marketing, Advertising, Product Management and Project Management.
    • Step3: Supporting with People Management, hiring affordable personnel to fill positions, providing tools and training in Sales & Marketing, coaching in leadership development.